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Dalmaal is a cooperative business specialized on Extracting Natural resource (Fish, farming, Mineral, Livestock) products Based on Research, it works to sell its products locally and internationally at the Lowest Cost with Quality, to fill the gap in food security and enhance the well being of the nation, It was established by a group of Developmental Exports in 2018.


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Dalmaal waa Iskaashato Ganacsi oo kashaqeysa tayeenta  Kheeyraadka ( Kaluunka, Beeraha, Xoolaha & macdanat) iyo  Sare uqaadidda wax soo saarka, tayada iyo  iibgeenta ,waxaanu  iska kaashanaynaa helida agabyada Casriga ee Beeraha, Xoolaga & Kaluumeysiga, si aan ula jaanqadno sharuudaha suuqyada caalamka Laga doonaya Anagoo Kusaleen wax walba Daraasad.Insha allaah.

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 Email info@dalmaal.com/ chairman@dalmaal.com Tell.  +252-615-768-281 Mobile: +252-615-768-281   Landline +2521-859-481

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Our Products

We Export a Wide range of Natural resource products, to international markets and Sold locally Currently, Currently, we concentrate on Fish, Sesame and, livestock.

Our Aim !

Dalmaal aims to maximize profits for its Stakeholders while maintaining corporate social responsibility.


Dalmal Conducted appropriate research on Natural Resources as Potato, Durum Wheat, Garlic, Beetroot, Avocado,  Vanilla and challenges and Opportunities in fishery sectors to Introduce new Crops, Fruits and Promote the Value of Seafood and fish in Somalia. 

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Frequently asked questions

Dalmaar Company is natural resource exporting and importing which also works for Real-estate services, any one who wishes to work with can join us.

Of course, Any Somali citizen can take part exporting and importing through Dalmaal Company (DC.) and can join us as we are promoting the natural resource like fishes, Minerals, Fruits & Vegetables and so on .

Currently ,There are two level of shares that a one can join to be a share holder member in the Company. Group (A) and Group (B).

You are required to pay $2400 to be a Group A member which contains 5 shares for $480 in each shares.

The Second Group which is open to all who can not Join Group A is called Group B Members which one will need to pay $100 in every month.

In Every 6 months there will be Financial closing session. For 30% of the profit will earn the Company while 70% of profit will take the share holder.



Mogadishu Somalia

KM5 Soba

Mobile: +252-615-768-281

Phone Calls

Services Call :+25250000000
International Calls :+2520000000



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We generally work in our main office  (Mogadishu- Somalia, km5  landline 859481 info@dalmaal.com. Please keep in touch us with your location to see if we can help you.